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Imagu are Website development specialists based in Sydney Australia. We are a young organisation with enthusiasm to create great online user experiences for both businesses/organisations and their clients. We create stylish, user friendly websites with an exceptional knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) that will have your site ranking high on Google search organically.

At Imagu our Web Design philosophy is simple, attractive and functional Websites with an emphasis on organic Search Engine Optimisation.  This equates to our clients ranking high with particular keywords that best describe their business. This is hugely important as most potential clients will use google search to find goods and services. Our goal is to have our clients websites appear on the first page of google search, displaying your business to potential clients ahead of your competitors, giving your organisation the edge. What does “organic” SEO mean exactly? Basically organic SEO is how well your website ranks in search engines without having to pay for expensive google ads. There are many tricks we use to achieve this during a site build and thus far we’ve had great success getting our clients on googles first page.


Check out our service page to learn more http://imagu.com.au/services/


Visit two of our recent favourite website builds, both ranking first page on google www.audio4events.com.au and www.scoutproperty.com.au

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